Perfectly Imperfect

We are all fools, all the time, It’s just we are a different kind each day, we think I’m not a fool today I have learned my lesson, I was a fool yesterday but not this morning, and then we find out yes we were a fool today too. I think the only way we […]

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Be Myself, or should I?

Be Yourself seems like a good advice right? It feels like it’s helpful, but this makes us warm and fuzzy inside. That is what makes this advice so insidious, when somebody says be you, what it does give us is validation for the idea that, we should stay the same. not take risks, not try […]

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Ego Fucks you up

TELL THEM YOU LOVE THEM! You have deep secrets, shitty life, and crazy friends, with whom you share everything. You are so natural in expressing Anger, But Expression of love is hard. Don’t keep it within you. Just let your friends and family know how much you love them, How much you care about them. […]

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GETTING OVER YOURSELF Nobody is going to give you something, You need to take responsibility for yourself.If you are overweight and unhappy, what do you do? I know, Let’s eat more food and do not exercise Because that’s gonna help. Isn’t it? What is gonna help is GETTING OVER YOURSELF, Going for a walk, Making […]